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How I’m living my best life

Ah, “Living my best life” … one of the latest mantras that people are using to describe a little bit of everything. But what does it mean for one to truly live their best life?

In full transparency, I'm getting over a bit of a slump ... I just wasn't feeling 100% myself. Restless, moody, unproductive, unfulfilled. I found myself grasping at straws, trying anything and everything to hurry back to a sense of normalcy. But nothing was making me feel right again.

It wasn't until I sat in quiet reflection that I realized what the problem was.

We’re living in what I call a "do" culture more … now, do even more. Between marriage, kids, and work, commitments literally take over my days. So it's easy for me to slip into “get it done” mode where my whole objective is to get stuff done and off my plate. The end.

Understand, it's not a bad way to operate in the short term. Where it became problematic for me was when I became consumed with only checking things off the list. I wasn't giving regard to why I was doing the things I was doing.

It’s the holidays, I need to shop for presents.

Summer’s coming; we need to book a getaway.

It’s Tuesday, I need to publish a blog post.

So you see how this can become a problem? Sure, productivity is important, but so is purpose. Why do we buy gifts for others during the holidays? Why are family vacations so important? Why do I blog? The answers to these questions no longer mattered because I had gotten to a place where I just needed to check things off the list and call it done.

And in doing so, I was moving further and further away from purpose. My purpose as a wife, a mother, a woman, a friend, a writer.

Common theme here: purpose


There’s not some deep philosophical meaning behind purpose. To me, it’s simply the “why.” The more we ask ourselves “why,” the better chance we have at filling our lives with things that truly matter, instead of meaningless gains and measures.

Take it from me, days, moments, events, etc. just don't have the same depth and meaning when they're done in the absence of purpose ... even if the purpose is simply to make yourself feel good.

At the end of this life, no one will remember how many followers you had on Instagram, how cute your clothes and shoes were, or how many vacations you took in a year - they’ll remember what you stood for and how you made them feel. And the best way to make those lasting impressions is by living in purpose.

"The more we ask ourselves “why,” the better chance we have at filling our lives with things that truly matter"


So …. I said allllll this to say that living your best life means moving in purpose. Yes, living your best life is about having fun and living out your wildest dreams and all that good stuff. But it also means living a life of fulfillment. And I, personally, don't think you can have fulfillment without purpose.

I'm still figuring out the purpose for this blog. What messages do people need to hear most? What messages do women need to hear? What messages do wives need to hear? What messages do momma's need to hear? I don’t know yet. But I’ll be over here writing until I do.

Until next time, dear ones. Thanks for reading.

xo, Angela

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