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6 goals you should set for 2018

You guys! We’re just getting ready to close the books on another year. If I’m being honest, 2017 was a mixed year for me. Reading old journal entries and scrolling through my camera roll allowed me to reflect on both the glorious and trying times of 2017 … downs that turned into ups; downs that stayed downs but still gave me something to take away; ups that made me feel full and content. I’m grateful for it all, and the start of a new year gives me alllll the butterflies of new possibilities.


Lately I’m seeing a lot of #newyearnewme hashtags flying around as people share their 2018 resolutions. I get that the close of the year is a time when people commit to fresh starts, resolve to adopt new habits, and declare their hopes + goals for the year ahead. Why a ‘new you’ though?

I’m not one for resolutions (I can make empty promises to lose weight any day), though I do believe in the power of speaking and writing the things that we want for ourselves. But the goal should not be to reinvent yourself every year. Instead, aim to refine and elevate what you’re already working with.

I’m a believer that everything we need, we already have within us … we just need a little fine-tuning from time to time. So, as you’re thinking about what 2018 will hold for you, here are six goals that just may help bring out the best and brightest you.

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Draw a mind map. I love this concept and actually drew a mind map for 2017. It helped me look across all the aspects of my life and compartmentalize them in a way that allowed me to identify specific goals for each. If you’re not familiar with a mind map, this video explains it.

Treat yo’ self. Everyone has a guilty pleasure and it doesn’t have to be outrageous or even material. It can be reality TV, cheesy romance novels, whatever you like. Mine happens to be Starbucks. At $4 a day, 5 days a week, I spend over $1,000 a year on freakin’ coffee. Yes it’s ridiculous, but we all deserve that one vice don't we? Identify your treat + give yourself permission to enjoy it regularly.

Deepen a relationship. I don’t know if it’s this 30-something life but the days are going by faster and faster. As we build our schedules to accommodate all the demands on our time, don’t forget to make time for people. It never fails that when I find time to meet up with a girlfriend for happy hour or brunch, we’re both left feeling closer, energized, and refreshed. Pick one of your relationships that could use a little love and devote some extra effort to connecting with that person … not just more frequent texts, but actually spend time in their presence.

Try something out of your comfort zone. Growth comes from being uncomfortable. Nuff said. Be your own expert. There are lots of ‘experts’ in the world who promise to make you smarter, richer, funnier, healthier, etc. No shade to the worlds’ experts – we need them too – but before those things can provide value, YOU have to be the expert on yourself. Be careful to not look externally before doing the internal self-work. The deeper we understand ourselves and our tendencies, the more effective we'll be in seeking out resources.

Make things happen. Don’t get so stuck in planning + prep that you neglect getting ish done. I make a weekly ‘Get It Done’ list with tasks I need to complete. By making an actionable list, it helps transition from goal to action. Lists are great accountability partners. After all, no one wants to look at a list with nothing checked off.

Cheers to an epic 2018! Tell me in the comments one goal you have for the new year.

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