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Cheers to the Weekend: December 1

Cheers to the weekend Writing Angela

Cheers to the weekend, peeps! Let’s chill + read. Here’s the weekly roundup of (IMHO) worthy reads from around the web.

Spread happiness. It’s free.

It’s shopping season! Do you have a strategy for your moolah?

Your 11 year old may not love this list, but you sure will!

For those feeling a little winderlust this holiday season.

wine-der-lust / noun. – a strong desire to drink wine from around the world. or just the wines from your local shop. or even just the ones already in your kitchen. or just the general desire to drink wine.

If you’ve ever questioned why people think Tracy Ellis Ross is the bomb. Here’s your answer.

A little something to feed the soul.

Finally, in case you’re in a giving mood, I’m currently accepting this and this. And if you’re really taken with me, throw these in too.

Hope the weekend brings fuzzy slippers, warm cocoa, sleeping in, and whatever else your heart desires.

xo, Angela

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