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Fall Favorites: Must-see movies to (re) add to your watch list

Movie night

Chunky sweaters, changing leaves, cozy wool socks, and ankle boots are just some of the seasonal goodies I love about Fall. I mean who doesn’t love taking an evening stroll without sweat dripping down their back 10 steps in (yep that one’s for you, Summer). But there’s also the non-seasonal treats that the cooler temperatures, shorter days, and fewer outdoor activities lend themselves to….like MOVIES!

Whether you’re snuggling up with your honey, hanging out with your sister circle, or vegging out as a family, I got you covered with some of my personal favorites to add to your watch list. Grab some popcorn and your favorite blanket, it’s movie night!

Movies with the girls

When I think of the types of movies that I enjoy with my girls, two that rise to the top are a good musical (true story: I love a good musical) or a story of female empowerment.


One of the best musicals of all time…hands down! As soon as I hear “Tell me about it, stud” my vocal chords can’t resist. I’m in full-sing mode. Grab your water bottle microphone, form your faux girl group, and get ready to hit the high notes with Olivia Newton John + cast.


This movie takes you through a spectrum of emotions – anger, sadness, joy, anticipation –before filling you with that 'girl kick-ass-ness' joy that makes you cry tears of victory.

Movies with your boo thang

A turn-down night with movies are a classic way to spend an evening at home on the couch.


My fella is not one for love stories, so this action meets romance pick is the perfect compromise. Plus, who doesn’t want to sit through two hours of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


The irony of this pick is totally relatable to any couple who’s tried to spruce up date night and hit a few snags along the way….hopefully not to this degree, though!

Movie with your tribe

Disney has a way of making animated movies equally appealing to young and old, so you really can’t wrong with any Disney picks for family movie night.


My favorite thing about this movie is the underlying message of appreciating and celebrating differences that’s so relevant for kids and adults alike, especially during these trying times in the world.

Movies with me, myself, and I

Nothing’s wrong with a little me time. Sometimes I use it to get my movie fix for movies I’m too embarrassed for other people to know I like, which brings me to my first pick….


I am so embarrassed to admit I like this movie! Haha. But I will absolutely put the remote control down if I'm channel surfing and come across this one. It's such mindless entertainment, I can't resist.


Drew Barrymore is adorable and this sweet tale will have you rooting for her throughout the movie and in tears by the end.


Good cast. Decent story line. And, of course, the epic one liner: Love shoulda brought ya ass home last night!" Thank you, Ms. Halle Berry.

There are so many other good movies and you can clearly see I’m partial to the oldies. Old or new, movies are good for coming together for a hearty laugh, a good cry, and maybe even a scare or two. What are some of your favorites?

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