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Reflections of a birthday girl

364 days passed like that! Too fast and furious for my liking. But here I am, celebrating another glorious year on earth. Some years I want nothing more than a quiet dinner at home with hubs and the kiddos. Other years, I want more of a celebration....this year had a celebration vibe.

See, my 20s were about everybody else. I became a wife, a mother, and a professional. These were all beautiful, life-changing events that I wouldn't trade for anything. But truth be told, I often denied myself the space and freedom to focus on self; to really get in touch with this adult I morphed into while I was falling in love, raising babies, and kicking ass in the office. So I've made sure my 30s have been more about me ... more about learning to love the skin I'm in. About having the courage to say "This is me. Take me or leave me."

\\30s have been about loving the skin I'm in and having the courage to say, 'this is me'.\\

It took me a while to get here but for the first time, yes at 30-something, I feel like a woman who's marching to the beat of her own drum. And I'm digging my rhythm.

So what was I celebrating this year? Me. The woman I birthed over the course of this past year. She was born of:

heartbreaking rejection,

hard-fought triumphs,

bouts of independence, co-dependence, and dependence,

humbling truths,

uncomfortable self-reflection,

freeing affirmations,

uncontrollable laughter,

breathtaking tears,

and happy realizations.

It was a painful, yet fulfilling, labor and delivery. But I did the work. And I came out better on the other side, with a stronger voice, a greater sense of purpose, and a content heart. I deserved the outcome of doing the work. We all do.


Oh, in case you're wondering how I celebrated....In my house. With people I know and love. Sipping wine and eating tapas.


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