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Hey! I'm Angela, a 30-something chic living in the midwest, awkwardly dancing in the aisles of stores, randomly making up songs as I work through tasks, loving anything polka dot, and occasionally giving someone the side eye for not acting right. Oh yea, I also have a master's degree in communication and a traditional 9-5 outside of the blogosphere.  Most importantly, I'm a loving wife & mamma. Pitiful workout partner. Easy like Sunday morning. Smiling. 

the skinny on why I write

For years, I've dealt with this internal struggle to be a more consistent writer. To dedicate more time to my writing. To pore over how-to's on being a better writer. To read works of my favorite authors/bloggers/writers/content creators, appreciating their ability to pull in readers with their words and imagery.

I am a reader first, then a writer. I get lifted consuming other people’s words and feeling like they’ve taken me on a journey. I’ve always written. As an adolescent, it was short stories and worlds of make believe. As a teenager, I chronicled my entrance into the world of dating and self-discovery.  As a 20-something, I wrote poetry to make sense of the complexities of being a young adult and coming into my own. And now as full-fledged adult, writing serves as a multi-purpose outlet.

//"I am a reader first, then a writer."//

If I had to sum it up, I’d say that I write because (in no particular order):

  • Words are complex, interesting and powerful. Think about lyrics to a song or a stanza of a poem and how it makes you feel, act, do.

  • I write because my written words come across much more eloquently than my spoken ones.

  • I have too many thoughts, opinions, and questions to keep them bottled up. My head would explode.

  • Writing forces me to face my convictions and personal truths in a raw, unfiltered, and authentic way.

  • I write because there are certain things I won’t say out loud.

  • I love a good story. Writing allows me to be a storyteller.

  • I get lifted when I read something in which I can see myself. I want to be able to do that for someone else. 

  • I have a voice and the freedom of expression.  There are so many people in the world who are silenced. I write for you.

  • I am absolute, intelligent, and confident when I write.

  • I write because it makes me feel good about who I am; reminds me of who I am; leads me to accept who I am.


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