Dre & Tamara

When did you know this was your person?

Almost immediately.


What’s the best thing about being together?

We complement the other’s weakness in every way. He is strong, I am strategic. I am a planner, and he makes us take vacations. He can cook, I can eat. LOL! Seriously. 


What makes your love yours?

We are very much the same. Our expectations of a relationship are satisfied with each other and that is all we need. We think that is why it's lasted. 


What’s one thing that’s helped your love thrive?

Our love for each other and family. 


What advice would you give to others in love?

Don't overthink it. Everybody has stuff and your stuff starts looking bad to you when you are looking and comparing to others. You never see the tough times in other marriages -- but, trust me, they are there. 


What’s your toast to love?

Cheers to holding down balance. God, self, marriage, family. 

Together 15 years

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Cheers to Love

When people join together to celebrate, they raise a toast or cheer to show their oneness of feelings and to express that they are in it together. - Unknown


Every relationship is different and there’s no manual that tells any of us how to find love or how to make it last. But what we do have are our love stories ...stories that teach, inspire, delight, and so  much more. These are just a few of those stories.


The Cheers to Love series took a peek into eight couples' relationships to gather gems on how they knew they were in love, how they’ve stayed in love, what advice they have for other couples, and more.


Wherever you are in your love journey, I hope you enjoy. Cheers!

8 couples share their words of love wisdom for dating & marriage

Thanks for reading! Tell me about your love story, love lessons, love triumphs below in the comments.

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